Monday, April 30, 2007

Monday Funday

Ha woo, everypup!
This is me, looking super regal. Mostly because I am.
I had the best weekend, playing with my Aunt Erica, who stayed to puppysit me! Aunt Erica is owned by a Jack Russell terrier/?? mix named Kya, who thinks I am very annoying. I think that that is very rude, because all I ever try to do is jump on her head and say hello! All she does is yell at me. It's so mean! She doesn't even like it when I bite her leg! It's not my fault that her entire body is the size of my front leg, it really isn't. She should get used to it. ANYWAYS, Kaiya stayed in the guest bedroom most of the weekend while I ran free, since she's so mean to me! Aunt Erica and I played lots of games, like Eat The Scrubbing Brush That You Really Should Not Be Eating, and Poop In Unusual Places. I KNOW Aunt Erica really enjoyed herself. I am very much a bonfire puppy, so Saturday night I slept next to the bonfire outside while Mom and Aunt Erica chatted the night away. That was superfun.
What WASN'T superfun was bathtime. Now, as you all know, I've had some medical issues lately that...according to Mom...have made me a very stinky boy. I don't know what she's talking about, but somehow she thought that this warranted bathtime on Saturday. NO WAY JOSE! I HATE BATHTIME! Now I smell like gross vanilla! Gag me with a spoon!
Today I've more than made up for it by rolling around in the freshly cut grass after Dad mowed the lawn. I like getting grass all over me, and the best is digging through the fresly cut grass, into the ground, and halfway to China. THAT is the BEST.
I'm pooped for now...woos to you pups later!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Update City!

HaWoo everypup!

Well it turns out, much to Mom and Dad's apparent relief (they thought I was going crazy, which is just a stupid human thought to have), I have a UTI. Luckily, this sort of thing is easily treatable, and I already have had a shot of antibiotics...and I get to eat YUMMY pills for the rest of the week! I say YUMMY because I get them wrapped in cheese!!!! DELICIOUS CHEESE!!! I am such a fan of cheese, you wouldn't even believe it. I even managed to steal Mom's stinky feta cheese while table surfing once! (I am still a pup, so I have not been able to master the art of counter surfing just yet.) I already feel SO MUCH BETTER...I didn't pee in the house or on my bed ONCE!

I got a spiffy new bed that smells much nicer, and here I am laying on it:

Can you guess why I love love love this bed so much? I'm sure you smart pups out there can, but I'll fill you in's TIGER PRINT. And we know what tigers are...BIG STUPID CATS. I like the feeling of conquering the biggest cats on earth - what pup wouldn't?!

I am super duper stoked because my new fun friends at A04 wrote about me in yesterday's post: Thanks so much, Amber! I'm really so excited about it. I look up to the A04 so much, and I feel super honored to make it on their super site!

It's supposed to be in the 70s and sunny this weekend, so I'm going to think happy thoughts of my good ol' snow. I'll leave you with a pic of lil' me, frolicking in the white goodness of February.

Nibbles and nuzzles,


Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Potty time!

I will admit it...I have been peeing everywhere. I. Mean. Everywhere. I don't even realize I'm doing it! Mom was able to find me last night when I was playing a mean game of "hide and make your human crazy with worry" because I had peed all the way from the living room, into the bathroom, and back to the office. Mom says this is not right, so I get to see the docs at PETSMART (TREATS!) today. Keep your paws crossed that everything is A-OK with me, please!! I'm pretty sure I'll be fine, b/c I'm still a very happy and excited boy, but gotta get checked anyways!

I'm very hard at work this week, eating pods from our locust tree on the ground. They are very evil pods, and I am doing my best to eradicate our yard of them. It is such hard work though! Every time I eat one, another one is 2 inches away!

That's about it for now...big nuzzles to everypup out there!

Sunday, April 22, 2007


What a beautiful day it is here in Illinois! I love the snow the most, but being outside all weekend really has been a blast. Because it's a little warm, my water bowl has a new favorite treat in it....ICE CUBES! Boy do I LOVE ice cubes! They're great to toss in the air and chase...and put on human laps as a pleasant surprise.

I went on BIG walkies yesterday and even managed to eat three pieces of pizza today! I wasn't supposed to eat the pizza, but I decided to reward myself for being such an awesome pup. I'm sure everypup has done the same for themselves!

Mom FINALLY bought a new USB cable, so everypup can now see more recent pictures! Up above is me on St. Patrick's day, with my neat-o shamrock bandana that I eventually ate (of course!). Many pups have posted their sleepy here's one of mine!

That was still a month ago, so Mom took a picture yesterday to show everypup my face today:

If you can't tell, I'm saying....WHY DID YOU WAKE ME UP FOR THIS????

Have a great day!!

Friday, April 20, 2007


Well HA WOO everypup! I am very light on my feet you know, I spent yesterday at my doctor's office, but I'm happy and home now! I was a lil groggy yesterday, and I couldn't hold my potty in the car, but I'm starting to get much better. I normally sleep in my crate in our bedroom, but last night Mom and Dad let me sleep in their bed with them, just so they could keep an extra special close eye on me. I really appreciated it - and I showed them that I did appreciate it by shredding 3 pairs of Mom's underpants! She left her drawer open a tiny bit, and I know she did it just so I could have easy access to my favorite treat. I was so excited about it that I sniper-pounced Mom this morning and left the remnants of a pink pair of panties on her face. I don't want to sound conceited, but I must say that I really am such a thoughtful boy to be doing my parents such wonderful favors!

Mom decided that it was probably time to take me outside, so we went out, and I really just didn't feel the need to potty right then. I tried to chase some squirrels, but I'm still a little sore, even with that yummy pain medication that Mom gives me. So we came back in, and just to futher prove how much I love my Mom, I went and peed on her robe. Hey - I did it so that she can wake up in the mornings or lounge in the evenings and have a constant reminder of me, even if I'm big sleepies! See what I'm saying about the thoughtfulness?

I have been nibbling at my stitches a lil bit, so there was blood on my tummy and towels in the crate this morning. Mom freaked out and called the emergency vet, but since there's no open wound, they calmed her down a bit. Now Dad's going to get me an "Elizabethan collar" at lunch today. I don't know what that is, but it sure sounds regal! I bet I'll look like royalty!

Well, everypup, I'm going to lay down for a bit. I hope all of you have a wonderful day today! :o)

Nuzzles and nibbles,

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Fillin' in for Marleyboy...

Today's the day! Marley wanted me to make sure and tell everypup to have a wonderful Thursday, while he spends his "fun-filled" day at Banfield Vet Clinic in puppy-meca Petsmart! He was a bit miffed this morning and could not for the life of him figure out why Mom and Dad wouldn't give him clearly, once in Petsmart, he was in the mood to help himself to the countless varieties of chow on the shelves. Unfortunately, Dad was able to hold him back - the CRUELTY!

Keep those paws crossed for a healthy and HAPPY Marls at the end of the day today! Something tells this momma that somepup is keeping all the vet techs in good, loud company this afternoon!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Ha WOO everypup!

My Mom tells me that tomorrow I get to stay in PetSmart ALL DAY LONG! Can you believe that?! I must be the best boy on EARTH! I can't imagine why...the last time I was there, I visited my doctor, who I just love so much, because she gives me lots and lots of treats! But that doesn't make sense, because Mom tells me I'll come home a bit lighter at the end of the day. What does that even mean? I think she's a little crazy....are any of your Moms a little nuts like that?


Monday, April 16, 2007

April Showers

Ha Woo everypup! Happy Monday to all bipeds heading off to work...please keep us working breeds in mind as we tirelessly blow our coats, chase tasty critters and nap VERY hard in an effort to make our homes the perfect place for you to reside.
I was watching the news this morning, and holy kibble, I am very happy that we live in the Midwest! Some big storms came and have tossed around pups in the Northeast, and lots of pups and their humans have flooding, no power, and all sorts of badness. I am keeping my paws crossed that all the pups out there are A-OK, safe and dry with their humans. I cannot IMAGINE being in that weather right now...I am really picky about rain! The last rainstorm we had, I absolutely refused to go outside to potty...I don't want to get my paws and furs all wet, and I DEFINITELY don't want to have to sit there and take what feels like a bath while I'm trying to go! Baths are the grossest of the gross!

Anywoo, Mom still doesn't have a new USB cord for her camera (lazy woman!), so she still can't upload my current cuteness levels...but I'll keep sniper-pouncing her until she does it this week. I feel compelled to apologize on her behalf...clearly, you all are left to suffer when my cuteness is hidden from the internet!

Off to work on my big sleepies....Marls

Saturday, April 14, 2007


To all my new pup friends...

I just want to thank everypup and their humans for the warm welcome that I've received! I am, not surprisingly, so EXCITED to be a part of this!

I've had the busiest day today - THREE big walks, AND I killed my first birdie! I am so proud of myself....Mom gagged a little bit, but I told her to get used to is, as this is only the beginning. How fun!

I hope that everyone has a wonderful evening...

Big licks and nuzzles!

Friday, April 13, 2007

I've finally done it...

I've put my paws together and created this blog! My name is Marley, and I'm a VERY handsome 4 1/2 month old boy. My Mom has been reading Sibe blogs for such a long time that she decided it was absolutely essential that I join in on the, here I am!
I am the most excited pup in the universe...everything excites me, even going to sleep! It's so exciting!
I live in a house with two cats (read: toys), and I have a big back yard with lots of bunnies and birdies for target practice. I love giving kisses and sitting pretty for my Mom and Dad...well, at mealtime, anyways. Otherwise, life is just too EXCITING to sit!

I have a Dogster site as well, which I really have fun meeting new pups on.

The pictures on my blog are from when I was a little baby...just 8 weeks old. I'm so much bigger now, but Mom hasn't downloaded my new pics yet! I tell her it's because she's lazy...she seems to think it's because I chewed through USB camera cord. That's what I get for defending the fort against ugly grey stringy things! No appreciation!

Well - this pup is about to investigate this so-called "sunshine" thing we have seems to be eating all of my beautiful April snow. How rude.

Happy Friday to all the pups and their bipeds out there!

Nuzzles and head-butts,
P.S. That sun sure is far away - I wore myself out trying to stop it and now I'm getting a litle sleepy...time for a power siesta. Above is a picture of me sleeping in my Mom's arm as just a little pup...I still try to sleep like this, but somehow it's just not as easy for my humans to hold me!