Sunday, September 16, 2007


Today has been very disappointing, everypup.

It started off great...woke up early after sleeping in the human bed (yay!)...went outside to potty, came in and played with squeekies, had some breakfast (with bananas - THANKS HOLLY!!)...all great stuff for a Sunday!

But then, it happened.

Mom took me for big walkies, and we went to Viking Park, as usual. We passed Roxy the Sibe's house on the way. Roxy was outside with her parents, and I was SO EXCITED! Mom and Roxy's parents decided that we could play a little bit on leash, so they brought us together, and then it happened....Roxy ATE my face!!!! LOOK:
I was so surprised that I cried a little bit and backed away. Roxy's Mom and Dad were really upset. I guess as Roxy is getting more mature (she's a dignified 11 year old lady!), she gets a bit jealous when other pups get attention around her, so she took it out on me. I guess Roxy and I won't be friends anymore - it's really sad! And my snout HURTS!!

So, Mom and I finished our walkies, then came home. Mom cleaned my wound so it wouldn't get infected and gave me some ice cubes to chew on (I love ice cubes!!) I was still pretty upset, so I decided to take advantage of the situation and sit on the top of the couch like a cat:

Then I got sick of being sad and attacked Mom with smiles and kisses (notice Dad in the background watching football...AGAIN):

By the way, pups - did you notice my new Lupine collar? I love it - it's a fall pattern! I love fall, and so does Mom!

We're off to PetSmart now to get some new toys - I guess this day isn't THAT bad, after all!

Mars Bar

Thursday, September 13, 2007

I am awesome.

Listen to this, pups...

This morning, I did something awesome. I Destroyed Expensive Human Property.

Oh, this was a doozy.

Mom let me out to go potty at 6 am, then had the audacity to jump in the shower in the meantime - WITHOUT FEEDING ME FIRST. WHAT!!!! I punished her as I saw fit, digging a massive hole in the *very* muddy ground. Then, when she came to feed me in her fresh work clothes, I went to give her a "two paws up!" greeting, right on her stomach! Unfortunately, she saw me coming, and closed the door before I could get to her. I left my signature on the door instead. She yelled something to Dad that sounded a lot like "KEVINGETOVERHERETHEMARSHASMUDALLOVERHIMANDI'MLATEFORWORKYOUGOTTACLEANHIMUP!!!"

And she left.

Did Dad come right away?


He waited...half an hour.

So....I ate his Brand New Grill.

His Brand New, Never Used, Very Expensive Grill. I actually just yanked the cover off of it and chewed through a wire, but that still renders it unuseable.

Dad is pretty upset with me. I say it's sufficient punishment for gross negligence. We'll see if I'm ever ignored for that long again!!!!!

Proudly yours,
Mars Bar

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Football Sunday and other boring biped things

Hawoo, everypup!
Today is the first offical Sunday of football season, and I think it's dumb. Dad sits and watches that stupid box all day long, which I find to be annoying. How can he even tell what is happening? I got sick of not getting all the attention, so I started moping about again, hoping to get some biped attention. It was beWOOtiful outside today, and I really don't understand why humans would want to sit INSIDE to watch other humans play OUTSIDE. That doesn't make sense. I will tell you that I like football because the whole point is to grab the ball and keep it away from the other people, then run AWAY. If humans love football so much, why do they want ME to fetch? They should call it SIBEball!
Anywoo, Dad kept watching his stupid TV, so I went up to Mom and asked her why she was watching the evil TV when she could be playing with cute and (sorta) fluffy me...

"Mom...come take me on big walkies!! My cuteness is too much to resist!"
Mom, Dad and I ended up going to another biped couple's house, and they have a big English Lab named Miller. Miller and I like eachother a lot, unless there are bones involved. Then Miller doesn't want to share, and I get mad.
The friends also have a miniature biped, who is a little less than twice my age...15 months! She is lots of fun! Apparently, there will be a little biped moving into OUR house in 7 months (hence the "morning sickness" in my last post). Mom and Dad weren't expecting the miniature biped to move in so soon, but they said something about their eating honey and looking at the moon trip, so I think they bought one there. Who knows.
Anywoo, have a good night, everypup!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Name Tag!

Well, everypup, so many pups have played name tag, I thought I'd join in the fun...especially since my home computer is out of commission right now. I popped by Mom's work on her lunch break for this (hehe)...

What is your name? Marley

4 letter word: MORE!

Vehicle: Mercury Montego

TV Show: Modern Marvels

City: Montreal

Boy Name: Michael

Girl Name: Molly

Alcoholic Drink: Martini

Occupation: Marketing Manager

Something you wear: Moccasins

Celebrity: Marilyn Monroe

Food: Mashed potatos!

Something found in a bathroom: Mirror

Reason for being late: Morning sickness

Cartoon Character: Mickey Mouse

Something You Shout: MOVE!!!!

That was fun!!


Thursday, September 6, 2007

Ruh Roh

For everypup who has wondered where I've been, I'm very sorry! Our house is totally crazy right now...get a load of this...

We had lots of gross flooding - look at this:

Isn't that yucky? Actually, this picture is from a couple of years ago, but it's essentially the same. This road is less than a block from our house. Because of all the flooding, we found out that we have a big crack in the foundation...and the dry wall in the basement had molded all around. SO, Dad, Grandpa and Cousin Derrick had to demolish the basement, rip out the bathroom...pups, this means that everything in the house needs to be rewired as well. How about that?! Unfortunately, my computer access has been directly compromised by this mess. I am not amused. Nor do I like those gross mosquitos that have suddenly popped up everywhere. I don't even want to go potty at night now! It's HORRIBLE!

Mom and Dad have some news...we'll save that for another post. I hope things get back to normal, soon. Something tells me Mom does to.

I will leave you with a picture of me being super cute as a little pup:

Mom looks SO CREEPY, especially in her crazy leopard pring pajamas! Ha roo!

Licks n love,

Mars Bar