Friday, April 4, 2008

Big 100!

Hawoo everypup!

Today is a special day for two reasons - the first is that it's my 100th POST! 100 wonderous posts of awesomeness! I still remember my very first one, even though I was just a wee baby!
I have decided to celebrate by sitting on my throne and playing with my favorite toy, the squeaky tennis ball bone. Note Ziggy in the lower right hand corner, looking super jealous!

A big thank-woo to everypuppy that has been so wonderful and supportive! You pups are the best!

Today is also important because my biped grandpa, my Mom's Dad, passed away 4 years ago today from brain cancer. Mom gets pretty sad around this time because she just misses him so much...especially now that she and my Dad are "expecting" a mini-biped to arrive in about 6 months!
I've heard lots of great things about my grandpa. He was a psychologist, a police commissioner, a pilot, a scuba diver, a patent-holder, a gardener, a handyman, an outdoorsman, a computer dude, a traveler, and the best husband and father in the world! Mom says that he was the smartest person she has ever met! That is so cool! He also really loved dogs, so I KNOW he and I would have gotten along fabulously. Mom tells me that she was very lucky to have such a supportive, loving Dad, and I sure can tell she means it. So, a moment of silence goes out to Mal Pettersen, the Best Dad On Earth. You are sorely missed.

Alright everypuppy. Have a good one!