Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Ziggy is smelly and dumb

Ziggy pooped in his crate 4 times during the night last night. FOUR! He's stupid! He doesn't whine BEFORE he poops - he whines AFTERWARDS! And then he smells like poop! I don't want his poop on my crate! It is so gross! Here I am sniffing him to make sure he didn't poop on my Mom, since all he really does is poop and whine about it:

Don't poop on my Mom!! Then she'll be smelly like you!!
Anywoo, I am not eating in protest of Ziggy's pooping fixation. It is hard to want to eat your dinner when you have to smell puppy poo right afterwards. And every other hour of the day. EW!!!!! Also, I peed on Dad the other night because I was mad that they keep taking the smelly little brat out AFTER he poops, and they won't even take me with! So what if it's 3 am! DAD DESERVED TO BE PEED ON!
Anyways, let's all just be happy and confident that I still win when it comes to cuteness, and some stupid smelly little poopy brother will never change that. I mean, just LOOK:

Me looking supercute as a pup

Smelly Ziggy, probably thinking about his next poop!!!!

I realize that this post has been mostly about Ziggy and his gross poop, but seriously, it's taking over my life.

Also, he looks like a cat. I keep telling him that. He doesn't like it. I don't care!!!



Monday, October 29, 2007


MY NEW BROTHER ZIGGY! Now...Mom would like to thank you for your input on the name. Unfortunately, Dad flat our vetoed Tango and threatened to name him Hester, after Devin Hester of the Chicago Bears, and we were not having that, so Ziggy (the #2 choice) it is. For those who don't know....Marley is named in part after Bob Marley, and Bob Marley's son's name is Ziggy Marley...so there is a theme here :)

Anyways, about my smelly, really stupid little brother...

He's smaller than I was when I first came to Mom and Dad. This is because he is two weeks younger (6 weeks). Logistically, this was apparently the best way for the breeder to get us to him, though my parents would have much preferred to have him at 8+ weeks. Those two weeks are huge in terms of development. That being said, he's really stupid and small. I like him a LOT, but he's not big enough to play with yet, so there is a lot of separation involved. Furthermore, he does three things: sleeps, cries, and POOPS!!!! EW!! I obviously am now and have always been way cuter, because I do much more Sibey things. My Mom assures me that he will grow up really soon, but I don't know. He's just so little.

Luckily, Mom decided to welcome him into the family by totally humiliating him, which I approve of:

Nothing says "love" like coming to your new home and being put into a pumpkin suit.
I'm tired. That bugger kept me (and Mom, and Dad) up all night. I need sleep.
P.S. Marley's Mom here, hijacking my boy's page! Marley really is having difficulty getting accustomed to Ziggy's small stature...he is definitely non-aggressive, but is overly eager to Sibe play while Zig is still wayyyy too small. Where is there a solution in this? All interaction thus far has either been with one in the crate/one out, or on-leash...but Ziggy is still quite intrigued by Marley and wants to run after him, only to get clobbered. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! You can email me at bethap (at) sbcglobal.net, or respond in the comments section (though don't be surprised if Marley flips out at me for taking over his blog)!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Howdy doody

Hello everypup!
I told my Mom that I wanted to post a message, reporting to the Army of Four on my progress and informing them of our pending arrival (and hopefully, a new soldier!) - but then I decided that the information that I had to deliver was way too confidential to risk a human interpreting it. So this is all I gave...hopefully Stormy can read my eyes (please ignore Mom's really weird sounding voice)!

Then, apparently, on her neverending quest to totally humiliate me and tarnish my good name, she made me wear this:

Howloween or not, I do not appreciate being dressed up. So I gave her this look:

....and then I ate the tail.


Woos truly,

Mars Bar

P.S. Please forgive the mess in the background - we are making room for my new bro's crate...and somehow that translates to clothing and suitcases being in the family room. Whatever, Mom!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Woo guessed it!

My little bio brother will be moving in with us on November 3rd! He is from my same bio-Mom and Dad, but a different litter (obviously)! I can't wait to teach him all sorts of fun Sibey things, like Wrestling On The Parents, Eating Stuff That Isn't Food, and Trying To Make Peace With Cats.

Here's a sneak peek of the little dude:

Isn't he just so cute?? Obviously, not as cute as me, because that is impossible, but cute nonetheless. I can't wait!

I told Mom that since he's MY brother, I get to name him...but I need everypup's help. Please take a look at my poll and tell me which name YOU like best!

Licks and love,


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

10 DAYS!!

I can't wait, I just can't wait!!!!

Here's a clue...

NOW do you know?!?!

Mars Bar

Monday, October 22, 2007

12 Days!

This is so exciting, everypup! My good bud Tubey knows what's up, but can the rest of you guess? MOST EXCITING DAY EVER!

Mars Bar

Friday, October 19, 2007

A Thank Woo

I would like to extend my sincere thanks to my good buds SGT Zim, Tubey, and Ms. Hollybollyboo for sticking up for me. My mom attempted to dirty my good name on Sibernet by insinuating that I was less than the perfect, loving, adorable ANGEL of a pup that I am, and these three pups quickly rose to my defense. I am considering taking legal action in light of this atrocity...as well as severing my mom's connection to the internet. Bad human!

I will leave you with an old picture of myself, snuggling up in the corner of my yard, before my mean, nasty parents tore part of it up to put in their concrete patio. Now I have to be on a human leash all the time, because they had new grass laid out, which has netting and tasty hay on top of it. I want to eat the hay, and for some reason, this makes my parents mad. They better put up that fence back up soon, or else I am sending smoke signals to the ASPCA. This is cruelty!!!!!


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Monday Chaos - I am the Master!

So.....everypup will enjoy this one.

Mom came home yesterday, all grumpy because of the stinky wet weather, as well as the fact that she and Dad just had a new patio put in....which required taking down part of the fence temporarily...which means that I always have to be on a lead...and guess what, pups - I REFUSE TO POOP ON A LEAD!!!!!

Oh yeah, not a chance. Take me to my poop zone all you want...I'm not gonna go if I'm hooked up to a darn thing. I don't wanna! Mom and Dad put a temporary hook in the ground just for the sole purpose of fooling me into thinking I'm not on a leash...which I'm starting to get used to...but it's still annoying! I don't hook them up to anything when they go to the bathroom! I want my yard back!!!! Furthermore...they DUG UP my original poop corner to put in the patio. Talk about ruining some great memories!

I was sitting in my crate during human dinner, since Mom's friend Mo broke my gate this weekend and they cannot sequester me in another room for the time being, and while Mom was cleaning up, she left the door to the garage open a smidge. And the actual garage door itself was open. And the kitties are sneaky. Mom rushed to kick it closed with her foot, and thought all was well. She let me back out, then went in the kitchen to bake cookies. But GUESS WHAT - the door to the garage was STILL OPEN - and the kitties ran out! They are not outdoor kitties...just indoor...so that is not a good thing. Loki ran in right away, but Bones was long gone. Mom and Dad ran around outside in the rain, in the dark, with a weak flashlight, looking for Bones...but she's black, so that was not easy. She was nowhere to be found. But...as you saw in yesterday's blog...I ALWAYS know where the kitties are, so they hooked me up to a lead and took me outside. All I wanted to do was lay down, so they hooked me up to the in-ground lead, and ran around the front one last time...

...and here's where the absolute stupidity of humans comes out to shine!

EVERYSIBE'S HUMAN KNOWS THAT YOU CANNOT LEAVE A SIBE UNATTENDED IN AN UN-FENCED ENVIRONMENT. A stake in the ground is not enough to hold a determined husky!! Not even for 3 minutes!!

So...I taught them a lesson.

Bones happened to be hiding in the bushes in the back, and as soon as my idiot people left, I started yelling at her for being outside. I wiggled out of my collar, broke free, and chased her into the front yard, where she disappeared into the night. Mom and Dad stood there stunned, while I did major zoomies in our yard, the neighbor's yard, all of the yards across the street, and even in the middle of the street. Mom was screaming, Dad was screaming at her to shut up, and I was laughing and running. Dad tackled me on the neighbor's porch and carried me back. I thought it was hilarious.

Mom was trying not to have a heart attack.

Bones was still gone. But she came back eventually :)

And I am back to looking out windows...waiting for the fence to be repaired.

I am full of tricks, and I want more treats!

Here is a jack-o-dog of me to enjoy:



Monday, October 15, 2007

Sitka and Tia Interview!

I had so much fun doing my interview with Tubey, and I asked my pals Sitka and Tia to interview me as well:

1. Where is your most favorite place to go with your humans? I LOVE going to Viking Park, a decent walk from our house. There are so many smells, animals, other pups and people there!! I love it! Next to that, Petsmart, b/c I always get something really cool when I leave!

2. So, your first birthday should be coming up here in 6 weeks or so, do you have any big plans brewing?? I told my Mom and Dad that I'd like a huge bash for my first b-day, so we shall see! I know Mom has some tricks (and treats!) up her sleeve for that time. Hopefully my girlfriend Lexi and my good friend Miller can come celebrate!

3. Loki and Bones (from Tia) - I love to hid behind a door and pounce Sitka when she least expects it. What has been your best plot to pounce Marley? We wait until he's asleep. That stupid dog has so much energy that he seems to have some sixth sense, knowing where we are at all times! Loki likes Marley a bunch, but Bones is NOT at all a fan of Marley, probably because she had a pretty rough life at the beginning, with some not so good encouters. So Bones will hide on a kitchen chair, hidden by the tablecloth, then smack Marley as he walks by.

4. Tia and I both love to wear red. Is there any color that you prefer over the other? I love color brown. Isn't that silly? My collar and leash are brown and blue, but I also have a brown/yellow/red lupine collar and leash for big walkies. Of course, I ate my collar on the third day that I had it, so my Mom needs to send it back and get a replacement, but that's neither here nor there.

5. What is your most favorite treat? Pedigree Marrobones. I really love them. I mean, I really really really really love them. Plus they have lots of good vitamins!

Thanks Sitka and Tia!!

Love and Licks,
Marley and "The Girls"

Monday, October 8, 2007

R.I.P. Bunny (??-2007)

Last night, I did it.

I killed a bunny.

Mom and Dad were horrified. They took me out for the last potty of the evening, and I was doing some zoomies, and the next thing they knew, a bunny was shooting out from under a tree. And I chased it, into the only area of the yard with no lighting. And they heard the fence rattle, which apparently made them relieved, but then they heard a loud squeal, and they were NOT relieved, and then I did more zoomies with the bunny in my mouth, and I would not let Mom and Dad near me, because bunny was MINE.

Eventually they fooled me with the sound of food in a bowl...and Dad put on some rubber gloves and got two plastic bags and laid the bunny to rest in the garbage. They didn't know what else to do.

Then I hid under the bed:

To top it all off, Mom got really sick and spent the night on the bathroom floor. So she is not at work today. Go figure.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Interview with Tubey

Tubey had an awesome interview on his page, and he offered to interview other pups, so I jumped at the chance. Take a look!

1. Why are humans so stupid? This is a really difficult question to answer. It's like the "chicken or the egg" question. I think it's because they don't work in packs, like us. If they could just get over it and pick an alpha, then work together, they'd be fine. But they're all stubborn, and therefore stupid. That's why they created money, because they can't get over it and just help eachother, they feel the need to get personal gain. Also, they're not fluffy, so I think they're mad that they're all ugly and furless. I know I would be mad and therefore stupid if I was as ugly as people. They don't have a built in heating and cooling system like pups...so they have to wear clothes...and then some of them get confused and put the clothes on us pups...but we already have a fur coat! I'm starting to feel bad for humans.

2. What's your best food stealing story? This is awesome, and it JUST happened the other week. Mom baked a cake from scratch, and just finished putting the frosting on it, then set it on a platter close to the wall on the counter. I had been realllllly decievingly good throughout the process, no begging or anything, just sprawled out on the floor. Mom went to the bathroom (which I also find to be stupid because they spend all of this $$ on building rooms to potty in...don't they know that that's what the "outside" is for?!), and when she came out, I had a face full of cake. I was super sneaky and used the dishwasher as leverage to lift myself up to get to the cake. I am awesome.

3. Do you mind having your nails trimmed? Uh, YEAH, are you crazy?!

4. Are you dressing up for Howl-o-ween? Yes, going back to the stupidity of humans. Mom bought me a devil costume. She thinks it looks awesome. I think it's dumb, and I'm hoping to pee on it so that she'll take it off.

5. What do you do when your humans come home smelling like other dogs? I get really excited...and then I try to hump them. They really don't like that.

OK - that was fun! Now check it out (pasted from Turbo's site):

Here's the rules if you want me to interview you:
1. If you are interested in being interviewed, leave me a comment saying, 'interview me.'
2. I will respond by posting five questions for you. I get to pick the questions.
3. You will update your blog with a post containing your answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

What does the Siberspace say about WOO?

Hawoo everypup!

I'm sorry for not writing in a while...my humans have been sort of "out of it" as Mom had emergency surgery, and they found out that the biped puppy won't be coming this time around, so I've been working hard at being super fluffy and cute and cuddly to make things better for them.

But on to more fun things...

Look what I found on the Internet....Googlism!
It tells you all sorts of stuff about yourself that you didn't already know...check out what it said about me (I'll just list a few):

marley is caribbean's ambassador to morrocco
marley is the shizzy
marley is this love
marley is more alive than ever
marley is out of the office
marley is recognized worldwide as a god
marley is the fictitious rocky mountain town of snowdon
marley is just a poster on someone else's wall
marley is still the undisputed king of reggae
marley is a king
marley is an australian shepherd (Uhm...)
marley is dead (WHAT?!)
marley is ever living (phew!)
marley is a sweet american staffordshire terrier (NO!!!)
marley is the most regal of all the cats (OK...THAT IS IT!!!!!!!!!)

Well, as you can see, the Internet has lots of Malicious lies out there (as well as some cool ones!), so let me set the record straight for all of you:

Marley is a fluffy, cute, blue-eyed, red-coated Siberian Husky who loves to run, play with ropes and cuzzes, snuggle on human beds, and give LOTS of kisses.

Don't believe the hype on the Net, everypup!!

What does Siberspace say about YOU??