Friday, June 27, 2008


It is so hot outside that I feel like I'm FRYING...which makes sense, since it's Fry-day. I have decided that I do not like Fry-day! Thus, I am watching over Dad while he works on his computer. I asked that he sit next to me, as this is my spot, and anyone who wishes to be in my company in the living room must sit next to my spot. Unless, of course, I am feeling like a Woo Hat...then you must sit in the corner!

I heard through the grapevine that Mom and Dad are going away from July 11th to July 19th...something about "Eagle River" in Wiskhonsin. I was beginning to pack my bags, but then I realized that Ziggy and I were not invited. Another injustice. How can they go to a cabin in an area with HUGE birds for me to eat and NOT bring me? I do not understand. The upside is that I can only conclude that I will be left in charge of the household. Nine days of dikhtatorship over Ziggy. That is almost worth it!!

OK...back to my sleeping...I am exhausted from this post!!


Mars Bar

P.S. For those of you who desire to see a picture of my younger (but not little) you go! For once, he doesn't smell like grass and poop!!!!

Ziggy pouting about everything.

Ziggy yelling at me because he has nothing better to do!!!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Oh, brother!

Hawoo, everypup!

Ziggy was gone all day at the vet for a checkup yesterday, and pup, did we miss eachother! When he finally got home, he was pretty tuckered out, but he asked me to fill him in on my day and tell him about all the exciting stuff he missed.

...and then the bird was all, 'I'm not leaving your yard!!' and I was all, 'GET IN MY BELLY!' and he tried to get away but he was too slow and so I grabbed him...oh, hi Mom

But then, Mom came in and ruined the party. So I stopped talking. You know, us brothers have to have our secrets!!

Ziggy and I were just hanging out, Mom. Nothing to see here.

And then we took naps. Because it's hard out there for a Sibe. We need our (extensive) rest.

P.S. So, yeah, I did get a birdie yesterday - out of mid air - again! Dad was super grossed out because when he went to pick it up, it's stomach was open and a half-digested worm was hanging out. I don't get what's so bad about's like an added bonus...

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Bucking the trend

Someone said that huskies are high fact, lots of someones said it...

Today, Ziggy and I decided to buck the trend. Happy Sunday!



Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ziggy has a problem...

Mom came home to find this in the living room...

She muttered something about Scarface, and I just looked at her innocently wasn't me!

Ziggy Smalls was hiding near the back door and would not face she let him out and grabbed him...and this is what she saw:

Mom wanted to send Ziggies to puppy rehab, but I convinced her not to.

A little flour never hurt anypuppy...



Monday, June 9, 2008


Ha woo, everypuppy. How are you? I survived this last weekend - but just barely. I am seeking to press charges against the Midwest for Crimes Against Huskyity. Here are just a couple of the horrible things that happened over the last three days:

1) The heat index hit 95 degrees!

2) There were lots of terrible storms, with howling winds and that awful thunder!

3) The heat index hit 95 degrees!

4) It was so rainy and dangerous outside that we couldn't go for big walkies!

5) The heat index hit 95 degrees!

6) It was so humid that the wood floors started to "sweat" and get super sticky, and Ziggy peed on them!

7) The heat index hit 95 degrees!

8) A tornado touched down less than 2 miles away!


Isn't that horrible?! Today is no better - now they are predicting a "flash" flood. If it's anything like those flashes of lightning, I'm not coming out from under the table. I have had it! Mom says it has something to do with lots of water coming our way...which I suppose is good when THE HEAT INDEX HITS 95 DEGREES...but she says it will be EVERYWHERE, and it's not safe to drink. Especially for the Ziggies, who has a propensity to drink and eat weird stuff, and then screw up his digestive system with gross poops all over my house. UGH - brothers!

I hope that everypuppy (and kitty) is safe and sound, even if they are in the middle of the madness. Paws crossed for everyone. Storms (little "s") are scary, and definitely no fun.


P.S. Mom and Dad find out what gender the little biped is today. They are very excited! I don't know why...they'll probably just neuter the poor little thing like they did to me and Ziggy...right?