Monday, July 30, 2007

Well anyway...

Until my evil parents LEAVE ME for a week and hide the computer so that I don't get to blog, I'm just doing random things, letting them serve me, and generally acting depressed.
Here I am eating:

Woo...leave me alone. It's not like you care about me anyways, so let me eat in peace. I'm surprised you even fed me.

And then here I am sulking around the living room...

Sure, Dad, just keep watching the Cubs, not even looking at me, since you're LEAVING ME and all, and clearly just don't even love me anymore.

And then here I am, contemplating eating the table....

Woo. Wood is delicious. I will eat all of your tables, AND your beloved couch before you return. Then we'll see if you ever leave me again.

Evil, mean Mom and Dad.

I'll miss woo. And all of my doggy bloggy buddies (and kitties, and girl girl) :(


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I'm sorry, but my parents are idiots.

Mom and Dad are getting married very soon and they are so busy that they won't let me on the computer. I think that's rude, especially when I do things like this:

Yeah, that's right! I sit and smile and act nicely for the stupid pictures that they want to take, AND for my dinner. There were even juicy burgers on the grill when Mom and Dad took this picture, but did I go for them? NOOOO. I sat and looked adorable and settled for my own food.

To make things worse, I EVEN lower myself to do this:

Everypup knows what THAT is, right? Yes, that is SHAKE. I shake paw and be nice on command. And what do I get? No computer. No bloggy friends. I even hear that Mom and Dad, when they get married next Friday, will be LEAVING ME HERE FOR A WEEK WHILE THEY GO TO MEXICO! THAT IS SO RUDE!

So, I'm just going to pout. Feel free to tell my Mom how stupid she is (ahem, Tubey).

Sad and annoyed licks,

PUPDATE!!!!!!: I KILLED A BIRDIE IN MID-AIR! Well, I caught him in mid-air and threw him around like my stuffies, and then Dad pulled me away, and the birdie was still alive but in a lot of pain, so Dad had to help him go. Then Mom cried and Dad needed a beer. I don't know what their problem is, I'm super proud of myself.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Time Capsule

Ha woo, everypup!

The Army of Four tagged me in a really neat game of listing 5 things that we pups would put in a time capsule. They had some really good (and important) ideas, so I thought I'd go with some of my everyday fun favorites:

1. Bully sticks! I L-O-V-E bully sticks. They are sooooo yummy. We will not get into exactly what a bully stick IS at this juncture, but let it be said that they are simply delicious.

2. SQUEAKY STUFFIES!! I don't care if you dismantle, dismember, or just simply love the squeak of a squeaky stuffie, EVERY pup should have their fair share!

3. A fluffy pup blanket. I don't know about the rest of you, but I simply love my blankets. Check it I am rooting for the Chicago Cubs with one of my favorite blankies:

There isn't much that I DON'T love about blankies (though Mom wants me to tell you that I normally don't keep them outside...her flash is still broken, so it's the only place we can get good pics of woos truly). I wrestle, cuddle, and bring them wherever I'm going. Blankies are the best!

4. Cheese! I've heard bipeds talk about "aged cheese" before, so that will be perfect! Chesse is an awesome treat, and the lucky pups of the future will really get some delicious aged cheese!

5. A safety seatbelt. Mom has a CARE one for me, and we don't go anywhere in a car without it. Just like humans should wear seatbelts, us pups need to be kept safe, too!

That's it, everypup...what about the rest of you? I nominate Echo, Holly, and Tubey!


Mars Bar a.k.a. "Cooperate? What does that even mean?"

Thursday, July 12, 2007


EVERYPUP....HERE I AM! My Mom just took the following for my video debut...

Just like alot of your Moms out there, my Mom thinks she sounds realllly stupid. So just ignore her. I really love my greyhoud baby a lot, and he and I play in the backyard all the time! Like any good husky, I love bringing my baby to my Mom....and then pretending it's OK for her to take it....and snatch it right back! Ha roo roo roo! She's such a weenie!

Have a happy Thursday, everypup!

Your buddy,

P.S. I forgot to look up my movie quote when I went to look up my slogan, so here it is: This is the day you shall always remember as the day that you almost caught Marley.
Ha roo!!!! That's EVERY day!

And of course, as I told everypup before, my slogan is: Got a Marley? You're in luck! Well, of course!!

Wow, what an honor!

My good pal Turbo named me a Rockin' Guy Blogger! Check it out:

Tubey is one of my FAVORITE huskies, because he really is the ultimate authority on all things cool AND stupid. Since he thinks that most things are pretty much stupid, I am ESPECIALLY honored that I landed on the GOOD side with him. Thanks, buddy! For all pups out there who are concerned about the well-being of Dogcountry, please keep in mind that our dear Tubey is running for President. He's banning all sorts of icky stuff, like thunder and lightning, hot weather, and epilepsy!

Here is a picture of me being coy, because my Mom is annoying and is now recycling pictures. She promised me that she'd take pictures of me playing in the yard tonight. We shall see!!!!

I will now nominate 3 cool dudes who deserve a Rocking Guy Blogger award:

Steve, the awesome bro of Kat and Wilbur....Amici, the nicest husky on the blognet...and Indy, who is just at the head of the pack with his awesome Mom when it comes to saving our fellow huskies.

Love 'n' Licks,


P.S. Did everybody read Holly's blog? She has a great slogan on there! I went to the same site, and this was my slogan:

"Got a Marley? You're in luck!"

I TOTALLY agree!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Ha woo, everypup! A quick pupdate for everyone...I'm super sorry that I haven't blogged in a week and a half. I'm embarassed and totally upset with my Mom for not letting me on the computer, but what can a guy do?

We had a GREAT Independence Day, with lots of walkies! It was a wonderful few days to set aside and think of all the brave men and women who have fought for our freedom in this wonderful country. I even said a big "Ha Roo!!" to some very nice men from the Navy that live by our house. I enjoyed all the festivities (EXCEPT the fireworks...I stayed home for that!), especially our trip to the big Viking Park by our house. I didn't see any Vikings there, but Mom told me that she's not so sure they're around anymore. We went there to see a fun band play classic rock, which Mom and Dad LOVE. I played with some Great Pyrenees pups who were just HUGE, as well as lots of kids who stopped by to say hello. I love kids!!

I hope everypup is doing well. Mom's camera's flash broke, in her never-ending saga of excuses as to why there aren't more and better pictures of yours truly up here. Hopefully we'll get that fixed soon.

Love 'n' Licks!